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EuCanImage: A European Cancer Image Platform Linked to Biological and Health Data for Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence and Precision Medicine in Oncology

Topic: DT-TDS-05-2020 – AI for Health Imaging

Type of Action: RIA

Duration: 48 months

Start date: 1 October 2020

Grant agreement: 952103


Total request Grant by Consortium: € 9,994,358.50

Total request Grant by BBMRI-ERIC: €310,425.00

Linked Third Parties/BBMRI-ERIC Framework Agreement: None

Benefit/tasks for BBMRI-ERIC: BBMRI-ERIC improves the accessibility and interoperability of the existing comprehensive collections, either population-based or clinical-oriented, of biological samples from different (sub)populations of Europe. Combined with the expertise of the clinicians, pathologists, bio-informaticians, and molecular biologists involved, a globally unmatched, Europe-wide platform for translational medical research is envisaged with the aim to develop personalized medicine and disease prevention for the benefit of European citizens.

BBMRI-ERIC offers assistance on topics that are crucial in biobanking, such as informed consent and data protection amongst others, in order to promote compliance with regulatory requirements and best practice principles. As a consequence BBMRI-ERIC’s ELSI Services & Research contributes to the ethics and stakeholder-related tasks in EuCanImage (WP1, WP7).


EuCanImage is a new large-scale international project (10 million Euros) funded by the European Commission to build a secure and federated imaging platform for next-generation artificial intelligence in oncology. The EuCanImage platform will be populated with a new data resource totalling over 25,000 single subjects, which will allow to investigate unmet clinical needs like never before, such as for the detection of small liver lesions and metastases of colorectal cancer, or for estimating molecular subtypes of breast tumours and pathological complete response. Moreover, the cancer imaging platform, built by leveraging the well-established Euro-BioImaginginfrastructure, will be cross-linked to biological and health repositories through the European Genome-phenome Archive, allowing to develop multi-scale AI solutions that integrate organ-level, molecular and other clinical predictors into dense patient-specific cancer fingerprints. EuCanImage is a collaboration between world-renown experts in data management, machine learning, cancer imaging/radiomics, clinical oncology and technology transfer, across Europe and the US.

The website was co-funded within ADOPT BBMRI-ERIC, a project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 676550.
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