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RI-VIS: Expanding research infrastructure visibility to strengthen strategic partnerships

Topic:  INFRASUPP-01-2018-2019, Policy and international cooperation measures for research infrastructures

Type of Action: CSA

Duration: 36 months

Start date: 1 Feb 2019

Grant agreement: 824063


Total request Grant by Consortium: €1,500,000.00

Total request Grant by BBMRI-ERIC: €248,500.00

Linked Third Parties/BBMRI-ERIC Framework Agreement: none

Benefit/tasks for BBMRI-ERIC: increase the international visibility of European RIs outside Europe



European and global research infrastructures (RIs) provide facilities and resources to support excellence and innovation, delivering socio-economic value by raising skills, advancing knowledge and technology and its exploitation, and driving new development and construction. RIs closely engage with their specialist communities but RI sustainability in the long term requires engagement with civil communities and stakeholders where an understanding of the significance and the socio-economic benefits of the services delivered underpins financial and strategic support. RI-VIS will increase the visibility of European RIs to broader scientific communities, industry and strategic partners in third countries.

The RI-VIS consortium has main membership from the life sciences RIs where there is urgent need to improve outreach and strategic partnerships. Partner RIs in other thematic groups ensure that outcomes are relevant to all. A major advantage of this consortium is first hand knowledge of RI services and operating processes and their user communities.

RI-VIS will target communities and stakeholders with current and precise information and match them with RIs to facilitate i) the development of new collaborations, ii) user accessibility, iii) collaborative and innovative actions, iv) funding opportunities, v) knowledge transfer and vi) training opportunities. RI-VIS will make it easier for new entrants to find out how RIs are organized and funded, where and how to access RI services and where data is available. The communication framework will include several digital platforms to achieve broad reach and generate a communication toolkit to help others benefit from the experiences gained. RI-VIS will broker engagement of RIs with various stakeholder groups using events and thematic workshops.

A collaboration toolkit will identify best engagement strategies to bring new agreements to fruition. RI-VIS will mentor a selection of partnerships to broker cooperation agreements.


RI-VIS is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824063.

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The website was co-funded within ADOPT BBMRI-ERIC, a project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 676550.
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