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Discovery of data and biospecimen

Search for the samples & data you need from over 600 biobanks across Europe and beyond. Filter by materials, quality marks, country and more.

Access to Data and biospecimen

Explore concepts for accelerated sample & data delivery for requests from academia & industry using the BBMRI-ERIC Negotiator.

Data deposition, pooling, analyses

Learn about the ADOPT CRC-Cohort with digital imaging cohorts, data quality control and streamlined data access. Collect data centrally within BBMRI-ERIC, quality check integrated data sets with documented provenance & make compliant with FAIR and FAIR-Health principles with effective access to the researchers.

  • CRC Cohort
  • Data Pooling
  • Big Data & AI Processing Pipelines
  • Big Data Analysis

Data protection and access control

BBMRI-ERIC Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI), Development of guidelines on data protection incl. Anonymization and pseudonymization, FAIR-Health, ARX toolbox, etc.

  • Authentication & Authorization
  • LifeScience AAI
  • Data Protection Guidelines

Quality Controlling & Reusability

Development of provenance models and their standardization in ISO (TC/276 Biotechnology). Developing certification mechanisms on data collection, data preservation / curation and data quality controlling & sustainable models for long-term data preservation and curation compatible with the FAIR and FAIR-Health principles.


Developing data models, ontologies, APIs, translations, MIABIS, vendor-neutral Interoperability Forum. Leading standards development in ISO, contributing to GA4GH and others.

Patient Empowerment

Developments towards dynamic consent, deposition of patient-provided data, etc.


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